At-Home Stretches to Keep Your Body Mobile and Fit

Shoulder and Upper Spine Mobility Exercises

If you're like many Americans and are either working from home, or just stuck inside all day, these quick exercises will help you retain mobility in some of the most important areas of your body. 

Grab your broom (or maybe a long stick from your yard?) because shoulder mobility is up first. In the video linked below, Dr. Lewis demonstrates the exercise first by placing her hands on the equipment, just farther than shoulder width apart. Start at your waist and bring the equipment as far over your head as you can, making sure to relax your shoulders at the top. 

Next, rotate over to your left side. And then to your right. Finally, come back to center and reach back behind your head, sticking out your chest, and then slowly bringing the equipment back to your waist. 

For the best results, we recommend doing this exercise 3 times and then resting. 


The next stretch is done in a laying position, as you'll see in the second video linked below. Start on your right side with your hips and shoulders aligned and your hands in front of you clasped together. Open up your left arm to the other side of your body, almost allowing your left shoulder to touch the mat or ground beneath you, and then bring your arm back over your body slowly meeting your right arm again. 

You can do about 5 of these in a row, and then swtich sides. It's important to take this stretch slowly, so you can really feel the spine opening up. 

Want more great exercise and stretching ideas from us? Both of these videos and countless more are posted to our social media weekly. Check us out!


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