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The sharp, throbbing, or dull pain of headaches can be immobilizing. But personalized care from Dr. David Preston and the skilled chiropractors and medical providers at Bay Area Wellness Center in St. Petersburg, Florida, can eliminate pain and put you on the path to better health. If frequent headaches are interfering with your daily life, call or make an appointment online to learn more about Bay Area Wellness Center’s headache treatments.

Headache Q & A

What causes headaches?

Headache pain can be persistent and unrelenting and may occur for a variety of reasons. The most common causes include:

  • Overactive muscles, nerves, or blood vessels in your head and neck
  • Consuming certain foods
  • Changes in sleep patterns
  • Engaging in different activities
  • Stress or anxiety

Frequent headaches may have a genetic component or can be a symptom of more serious health concerns.

What types of headaches require medical attention?

Headaches that happen frequently and require the use of pain medication at least two times a week should be assessed by a medical professional. Two types of persistent headaches that treatment can alleviate include:

Tension or stress headaches

Dull, aching pain or pressure, and tightness along the forehead and the sides and back of the head, usually mark tension headaches. They can also cause a tenderness in your neck muscles and scalp.

Tension headaches can occur in episodes that last from 30 minutes up to an entire week. They can also be chronic, which means they go on for hours at a time more than 15 days per month.


Unlike tension headaches, pain caused by migraine headaches is isolated to one area of the head, sensitivity to light and sound, nausea, and vomiting frequently accompany it.

Warning symptoms often precede migraines. They include flashes of light, blind spots in your vision, or a tingling sensation on an arm, a leg, or one side of the face. The pain of migraine headaches can be so severe that you are completely immobilized.

What are some effective headache treatments?

The chiropractors and medical providers at Bay Area Wellness Center offer a variety of treatments for migraines and tension headaches, including:

  • Stress management techniques
  • Relaxation exercises and therapies
  • Tension-relieving massage
  • Spinal adjustment and manipulation
  • Prescription medication

Your Bay Area Wellness physician will also counsel you on identifying and avoiding your headache triggers.

To find out how Bay Area Wellness Center’s chiropractic care can relieve your tension and migraine headaches, call or schedule an appointment online today.