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The aches, stiffness, and swelling that accompany osteoarthritis can make even the simplest tasks painful and difficult to complete. Customized care and targeted treatments from Dr. David Preston and the doctors and medical providers at Bay Area Wellness Center in St. Petersburg, Florida, can improve your quality of life. Call or schedule an appointment today.

Osteoarthritis Q & A

What is osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis is a chronic condition that affects your joints. It’s a degenerative disease, which means it causes the areas of your body affected by the disease to break down over time.

Specifically, osteoarthritis causes the cartilage that cushions the bones inside your joints to deteriorate. Swelling and difficulty using the joint often occur as the cartilage disappears.

As the condition worsens, loose fragments of bone or cartilage can cause considerable swelling, and the bones in the joint can develop growths called bone spurs that inhibit motion.

You’re more likely to develop osteoarthritis if you’re 65 or older but it can occur in younger people.. There is no known cause for osteoarthritis, but doctors believe it may result from overuse of specific joints, trauma to the joint, excess weight, and genetic disorders that affect your body’s collagen production.

What are the symptoms of osteoarthritis?

Symptoms of osteoarthritis include pain and swelling around your joints, a limited range of motion, and joint stiffness — especially in the knees, hips, shoulders, and lower back.

Joint stiffness that gets worse at the end of the day or after you engage in physical activity can also be a symptom of osteoarthritis. Tenderness, stiffness, and swelling in your feet and fingers also signal the disease.

How is osteoarthritis treated?

Physical therapy that includes stretching, exercise, and managing your weight can help to alleviate the swelling and pain associated with osteoarthritis. Other treatments include:

Hyaluronic joint injections

Synovial fluid, a naturally occurring substance that coats your joints, begins to disappear as osteoarthritis progresses. Dr. Preston and the medical providers at Bay Area Wellness Center use hyaluronic joint injections to replace the missing synovial fluid, decreasing your pain and increasing your range of motion.

Stem cell treatment

Your doctor or medical provider  injects stem cells from your own body or amniotic stem cells into your joints to help your body regenerate cartilage that has been destroyed or damaged by osteoarthritis. Dr. David Preston and the other medical providers at Bay Area Wellness Center use stem cell injections when necessary on joints that have osteoarthritis.

Trigger point injections

Trigger point injections may contain steroids and numbing medications that reduce swelling and provide immediate pain relief. Your doctor or medical provider at Bay Area Wellness Center administers these injections directly to areas where muscle spasms or swelling are located.

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