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Chronic ear infections are one of the more common reasons for a child to see their chiropractor. Instead of prescribing an antibiotic to kill the bacteria growing in the middle ear cavity, chiropractors focus on why there might be a buildup of bacteria. With an ear infection, fluid is being trapped in the ear, and if the Eustachian tubes aren’t allowing that fluid to drain, it may be due to muscle spasms around the tubes. Chiropractors work to stop those muscles from spasming - thereby relieving the ear infections entirely.

Pediatric Chiropractic Q&A

Young adults and teenagers may suffer from similar musculoskeletal complaints as adults. Adjusting these patients is similar to an adjustment with any other patient, only it’s important to manipulate their joints more quickly, but with less force. This is because children’s joints aren’t fully formed yet, and they’re much more cartilaginous, as opposed to firm bones like an adult has. Of course, some young patients’ joints need only to be mobilized, rather than manipulated, and each patient comes with slightly different needs.

Our team at Bay Area Wellness Center has extensive experience working with children and families. Dr. Daniel Marti specializes in pregnancy and pediatric Chiropractic and he is accepting new patients now.