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Whether you experience chronic pain or are recovering from surgery, treatments that increase your mobility can lead to an improved quality of life. With nearly 30 years of experience, Dr. David Preston and the chiropractors and medical providers of Bay Area Wellness Center in St. Petersburg, Florida, have the expertise to get you moving again. Call or schedule an appointment online to learn more about rehab therapy at Bay Area Wellness Center.

Rehab Therapy Q & A

What is rehab therapy?

Rehab therapy is a form of treatment that can make performing everyday tasks easier. It can improve the way your body moves and alleviate pain through stretches and exercises designed to address your specific health needs. Rehab therapy can make you stronger and more fit, and it can improve your level of flexibility.

The chiropractors and medical providers at Bay Area Wellness Center use rehab therapy to alleviate acute pain, aid short-term rehabilitation after surgery, and provide relief from chronic conditions like arthritis, degenerative joint and disc disease.

What can I expect during rehab therapy sessions?

Your doctor and medical providers at Bay Area Wellness Center works closely with you to develop a personalized treatment plan that improves your endurance, coordination, flexibility, and balance.  

Your rehab therapy sessions include exercises specifically designed to treat your health condition or type of injury. These activities may involve stretching, lifting weights, balance, and aerobics to strengthen specific areas of your body and increase flexibility.

Your physician or medical provider may also apply pressure to your muscles and joints through massage and manipulation to keep you in alignment, increase circulation, and improve your body’s physical function.

What are the benefits of rehab therapy?

Rehab therapy has a wide range of health benefits for people with a variety of health concerns. Benefits of rehab therapy include:

Increased strength

Stretching, massage, and other rehab therapy techniques can strengthen the areas of your body that are weak as a result of illness or injury.

Surgery prevention

Rehab therapy can reduce your pain and improve the condition of your body so much that corrective surgery becomes unnecessary.

Better mobility

Strengthening and stretching exercises combined with the use of assistive devices like braces, crutches and canes, when necessary, can help you walk, stand, and move your body better. Your Bay Area Wellness physician and medical providers may also prescribe medications that improve the way your body moves.

Improved balance

Rehab therapy exercises that simulate real-world situations can help you improve your balance and prevent falls. Your physician may also recommend assistive devices like braces, walkers and canes to help you maintain stability.

Call or schedule an appointment online to learn more about rehab therapy at Bay Area Wellness Center.