Prenatal Chiropractic Specialist

Bay Area Wellness Center

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All Chiropractors receive training related to pregnancy, and Chiropractic is perfectly safe for pregnant women. The body goes through many shifts during pregnancy, some of which may cause pain or discomfort in areas such as the low back.

Prenatal Chiropractic Q&A

Chiropractic can help with this pain, and it can be beneficial to the baby as well. By adjusting, this will readjust the balance and alignment of both the pelvis and the spine. When the pelvis is realigned, it makes it easier for the baby to be in the proper birth position. If the baby is not in proper birth position, this can of course lead to a much longer and potentially complicated birth.

Our team at Bay Area Wellness Center has extensive experience and success working with pregnant women. Dr. Daniel Marti specializes in pregnancy and pediatric Chiropractic and he is accepting new patients now.